Zoosk Review 2021

Zoosk Review 2021

Has an easy approach to dating.
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Zoosk is one of the most popular dating sites out there. You might be considering creating an account on it too. Before you take the leap, however, you first need to do some research.


Pretty clean interface

Easy to Search like-minded people

Zoosk does collect your data

App is storage heavy and slow

Zoosk requires that you tell them why you’re leaving

Zoosk is one of the most popular dating sites out there. You might be considering creating an account on it too. Before you take the leap, however, you first need to do some research. That’s why we’ve provided an in-depth review of it. So, read ahead.

Zoosk- An Overview

Zoosk is not new to the dating game. They’ve been around since 2007 and has won many industry awards.

A testament to how great they are is the fact that they have over 38 million users. 52% of its user base is women while the remaining 48% is men. It’s known for its easy approach to dating, which is why many use it.

Now, let’s move onto our review:


If you’re looking to register for an account on Zoosk, it’s incredibly easy. There are two ways you can do this. The first would be to link the account to a social media platform, like Facebook. Once you do, you’re immediately ready to get to work.

The second method would be to sign up through your email. We prefer this method as it’s more thorough. You’ll be asked to fill out a range of questions like your sexual orientation, desires as well as some personal information. Of course, an email and password would be needed to log in.

After this is done, you’ll have to further verify your identity. They’ll ask for a zip code, a photograph of you as well information about your body type. And yes, they’ll ask where you live too.

To some, signing up using email is a hassle as it requires too much information. But at the end of the day, this can help you find the perfect match.

It’s User-Friendly

If you’ve just signed up, you may have no idea how to use the site.

Zoosk makes it easy for you to do so, as the moment you’ve been verified, the site will offer you a guide. We enjoyed this manual as it’s quite easy to read and is somewhat short.

They will also ask you to do things like adding more information to your profile. You should consider this, as the more thorough your bio is, the more likely you are to find the right one. With this in mind, there are also a few questionnaires to fill on your profile.

How Do You Use It?

There are many search options in place when you’re looking for matches. You can make the filters more advanced, like body type and religion. This will help you find the perfect match.

You can also find people through its ‘carousel’ feature. It works a lot like Tinder’s ‘swipe right’, but there’s a ‘maybe’ option as well. You can also send people you see on the carousel a ‘crush’ which is similar to Tinder’s ‘Super Like’.

One of Tinder’s drawbacks is that you can only swipe one way. So you can’t go through your options again. This is not an issue with Zoosk as it lets you go back and forth as many times as you want.


What’s more, Zoosk is a safe site to use. It has an SSL encryption to ensure hackers don’t have access to your account. This is important, knowing that you have very sensitive information on it.

The SSL encryption also prevents the site from getting hacked as a whole. This saves you from data breaches. This may seem unrealistic, but this has happened to other dating sites. Thus, their users have had their credit and debit card information stolen.

However, Zoosk does collect your data. Large sites like Facebook do this too, so it’s quite common.

Before you start to have second thougths, they don’t take your data and sell it like Facebook does. Instead, it stores your data, analyzing it with firms like Sift Science. This is for security reasons as they want to ensure their user base is as clean as possible. The collection of data also helps them crack down on identity fraud which is a serious issue in the realm of dating sites.

If you’re still concerned about their collection of data, know that Zoosk is completely transparent. They have their full privacy policy available for you to read.

They’re very secure when it comes to military personnel. Some users have passed themselves off as members of the military, so this has become a serious issue for the site. This is why they have special verification for members of the military to identify themselves.

Obviously, you may be wondering how they do this. Well, the site lets the personnel add documentation of their military service. Using this, Zoosk verifies them.

Zoosk has even named this verification process Insignia.

Deleting Your Account

Not only is Zoosk easy to create an account on, but you can also easily get rid of one. This is refreshing as some dating sites make it impossible for you to leave by charging absurd cancellation fees.

If you’re thinking of saying goodbye, there are to ways you can do this. You could either deactivate your account or delete it.


You’ll have to go to your profile and click settings. A drop-down menu will then pop up. You’ll have to go to Account Status and click the deactivate button: it’s that simple!

When you do this, all traces of you will be erased from the website. This is great considering the fact that some sites just display a blank account.

That being said, we have faced a few issues. If you’re not aware, the site has a mobile app (more on that below). Although the app is great, it doesn’t let you deactivate your account fully. Instead, it’ll just let you pause it, which is disappointing.


If you want, you could also permanently shut your account down. However, this means extra work as Zoosk requires that you tell them why you’re leaving.

Once your account is gone, it’s gone for good. There’s no way you can get it back, so if you still want to use the platform, you’ll have to create a new account.


All in all, we’re a huge fan of the site’s interface. From the many dating sites out there, we’ve noticed that Zoosk is pretty clean. Hence, the website is incredibly easy to navigate through.

Moreover, the site doesn’t have clutter, so you can go through it without having your connection compromised.

What we loved the most was the fact that the interface resonated with the mobile app. It was also a blast to use. However, it doesn’t have as many features as its web counterpart. As we discussed above, not being able to fully deactivate your account is one of these missing features.

While we’re on the topic of the app’s drawbacks, it’s rather storage heavy. It can take a while to download and when it does, you’ll notice it takes up more space than you might like.

Be A Better Dater

Many dating sites provide their users with an insight section. The site’s algorithm works out your dating style, collecting information over time. Obviously, this information would be useful to you, so Zoosk provides it for free.

The insights can be very useful as you could change up your dating style to attract more people.

All in all, Zoosk is well worth your time but we would recommend Sexy Meets as a better site. We have a full review of sexy meets on our site so check it out.

It’s User-Friendly
Nice Swipe Feature "Swipe Right"
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Sign Up Process
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Profile Quality
3.0 Overall Rating
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5.0 rating
A huge number of people on board
5.0 rating
Free registration & free coins initially.
4.8 rating
Easy to Search like-minded people
2.5 rating
Good security features but expensive.
3.0 rating
Has an easy approach to dating.