Read Before Your Date! Things You Will Regret Telling Her On The First Date

If you’re going on a first date, you should ensure that everything goes well. This includes knowing what exactly to say because talking about the wrong things could ruin your night. That’s why you need to be as alert as possible. Hence, we’ll be running through the various things you should avoid doing and saying. So, read ahead to avoid such situations from arising.

Are You Bringing Up Your Ex?

A golden rule when on a first date is to never bring up your ex. If you do, you’re going to make your date very uncomfortable. This would especially be the case if you keep mentioning negative things about them.

You’ve gone on a date because you’re looking for someone to spend your future with. So the last thing they want to hear is stories about your past relationships and how horrible they were.

By talking about your ex, you might be causing your date to have second thoughts about meeting up with you again.

Don’t Be Rude

You should be mindful of what you say while you’re on a date. If you are rude, this can be a huge red flag. Your date wouldn’t want to start a relationship with you if you don’t seem like a considerate person.

While you watch what you say and treat your date well, you should do the same with others too. Unintentionally, you may snap at a waiter or someone else.

If you do, your date might take this as a warning sign, making them see you in a bad light.

Are You Doing The Talking?

On a date, your objective is to get to know the other person. This will let you know if they’re compatible with you.

The two of you can’t communicate effectively if you’re always doing the talking. Not only will you limit your date’s ability to speak, but constantly talking is quite rude and annoying. Thus, you might ruin your chances of going on a future date.

You may not be much of a talker, but you may be nervous so you just blurt out everything! Don’t worry, as long as you’re conscious of this, you can prevent it from happening.

How are Your Job Prospects?

Mid discussion, what you do for work will come up. You should know to not go overboard and explain any difficulties you’re facing if you’re currently unemployed. Not only will this bore your date but it might paint a bad picture of you as you’re whining instead of working to fix the situation.

That’s why you should just state that you’re “in-between jobs”. This keeps it honest and to the point.

What Do You Like?

When on a date, you need to be careful what you talk about. You may bring up something that your date is not interested in. Although you want them to know as much about you as possible, you may go overboard.

By constantly talking about your passion or hobbies, you’ll bore your date. This is especially true if you keep talking about something like sports, as not everyone is a fan of it.

Have You Been Through Something Traumatic?

Another subject you should be careful about is your past. You may talk about a happy memory which is fine as she’ll be able to relate to it. However, you won’t get the same reaction if you bring up a traumatic incident.

Even though it might be meaningful to you, you shouldn’t bring up negative topics, as a date is supposed to be light-hearted. So, you might be ruining the mood by making her feel emotional or confused.

By bringing up something traumatic, she may not know how to react, as she doesn’t even know you that well. And worst of all, the date may have been going great, with her imagining a future with you. Now, this will go down down the drain and she may think you’re not ready to be in a relationship because of what you’ve been through.


Never bring up politics. It is a pretty complex topic that people have differing opinions on. Most people don’t like talking about it as it can lead to arguments.

This isn’t the worst thing that could happen if you mention politics. You may be a fan of a certain political party, and she may not. So, by talking about politicians you don’t like, you’re offending your date if she supports them. This puts you in a very sticky situation and most likely, you’re not going to get another date.

Don’t Stutter

Remember to be confident. If you’re not, no matter what you do, your date won’t go well. This will create a barrier between the two of you. If you’re stuttering and being awkward, your date will not find you very attractive.

Thankfully, you can fake confidence. All you have to do is be conscious of your feelings and try to suppress your nerves. While doing this, try to evoke a persona, basing it off someone in your life you admire.

By doing this, you’ll trick yourself into exuding confidence and your date will go smoothly.

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