How Do You Turn A Hook-Up Into A Relationship? 7 Must-Have Tips

You’ve been hooking up with a girl, and you’ve unfortunately caught feelings for her. Being in a relationship with her is possible if you play your cards right. Don’t fret as we’ll run through everything you can do to make this a reality. So, read ahead.

Talk To Her

Whether you met her on Flirtila or at a bar, the two of you have been having a great time hooking up. There’s definitely chemistry there which is why you should start talking more. Once you start opening up, both of you won’t be able to stop. The chances of the two of you talking for hours is high, which is what you want.

As you learn about them, you’ll become more than just hook-up buddies. It’ll cement any feelings that could be bubbling up, and make what you have more intimate.

Of course, take it easy. You may have a thing for your hook-up, but they may not have feelings for you. If you open up all once, they’ll be intimidated.

Spend More Time Together

As of now, the only thing you share is a sexual relationship. However, this won’t help an actual relationship blossom. You should think about spending more time with them. This will allow the two of you to talk more. What’s more, you could create memories together, which could strengthen your bond. For example, you could sleep over at their place and make breakfast together- doesn’t that sound nice?

Over time, what the two of you have would blossom into a relationship. After all, the time you’re spending together is very couple-like.

Social Media Is Your Friend

As of now, the two of you aren’t that close. You can change this with social media. Talk to her online when you can. It may be hard for you to do this in person, so the internet will help. What’s more, some things are easier to talk about online. As a result, you’ll be opening up to her more than you would in person.

Tell Them How You Feel

Speaking of letting her know how you feel, you could tell her about what you want. Don’t be shy to talk about your emotions as the chances of her feeling the same way are high. And you’re better off being upfront as if you want something more and she doesn’t, you’ll be wasting your time.

Now, telling her how you feel is risky. She could very easily reject you, so prepared for some heartbreak. And you could ruin what the two of you already have, so keep this in mind.

Plan Things Together

Your end goal is to have something more than a casual hook-up. To free yourself from this, you’ll have to take things outside the bedroom. We’re not talking about spending more time at their place, but planning actual dates. They wouldn’t be real dates, but social gatherings, possibly with other friends. But it’ll make the two of you feel like a couple as you’re doing things together and having fun. Slowly, plan things with just the two of you.

Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable with someone deepens the connection you two share. This is why it’s a good tool to use if you want to further what you and your hook up have. When you start opening up, don’t be afraid to talk about some deep stuff. She’ll love that you chose her to speak about these things too.

Cease Contact

This may seem like a contradiction, but the only way to get them closer to you is by pulling away. If what the two of you had was special, they’ll wonder why you’ve been so distant. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder and it’ll certain heat up any feelings that have. Without you saying a word, they might tell you how they feel in a bid to get you back.

At the end of the day, if it’s meant to be, it will. However, our points might help you move things along, so don’t be afraid to try them out!

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